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  • Eldad Shrem began his musical career in classical music (as a clarinet and piano player), in 1967 he proceeded to be part of the "Rhythm Bands" and to play the organ in a band called: MADREGOT NAOT. At the end of that year Shrem joined the band  SIGNONOT CHURCHILL to replace guitarist Isaac Klepter. The band released two songs written and composed by Avi Karpel, its leader: "My child" and "KI At Halom ". While playing in the band Shrem graduated from  the Academy of Music.

    In 1969, Uzi Fox joined the band and it became UZI & HASIGNONOT. Shrem recorded with the band few songs before he enlisted to the army (including the hit "Day Time Night Time") he was replaced by organist Abe Ortz'br. In the  album H’LAAKA released in 1970 he participated as organist.

    In 1969-1972 he served as music director of the IDF military bands, and become one of the most influential musicians in introducing rock and pop, at the height of their fame. He worked with many stars and future stars like Isaac Klapter and  Shlomo Yidov  who wrote and sang their first songs under his musical direction. This band also sang "Shekt Egypt "," Masaot "and "Tizrach H’ashemesh",Avner Kanner and two stars of the band, Ruthi Navon and Nameri. Shrem composed for the band songs that became big hits, and continued to work with Navon and Nameri later on. Shrem also worked with lead singers such as  Yehudit Schwarts, Tami Gal, Yuval Dor, Kiki Rotshtein and Ami Mendelman, members of another IDF band creating a full program of songs written by Yoni Rechter and musically directed by Shrem. After their release from the army Yuval Dor, Ami Mendelman and Kiki Rothstein turned into a trio, and continued in regular contact with Shrem as a composer and arranger.

    Shrem also worked with the Air Force Band (with singer Netanela and guitarist Ilan Verzberg), he composed and arranged  the song "Tzemed Hemed".

    Outside the army various singers began recording his compositions or arrangements, and he became one of the most demanded musical arranger in a wide variety of styles, - from  pop - rock to orchestral arrangements and sweet  kitsch. He composed and especially arranged for Avi Toledano, Edna Lev, Yigal Bashan, Shlomo Artzi, Daniel Granot, Izhar Cohen, Ruti Navon, Yoni Nameri and many more. While doing this, he spent a year of study in Rome, where he served as an apprentice to composer Ennio Morricone. Under his influence Shrem wrote several songs and their arrangements including for Ruti Navon the "Gone Too Far" and for Sharon Roman "The Ballada L’Mechapsim."

    For the Israeli Song Festival in 1973 Shrem arranged the song that brought Edna Lev and Yigal Bashan first place, "Ani V’Ata Noladno B’Tashach" (L. Moti Giladi, L. Yigal Bashan) and Danny Granot song "Me H’Eish" (L. Avi Koren , L. Granot).
    That same year he wrote the  strings arrangement  for Zvika Pik album (with hits "Simanim", "Ben H’Etzbaot", "Tamid Yesh machar" and "Shoshanat Haplaeim ") and Avner Gadassi debut album (with hits" Nifradno Chach "and" Odelia ") and composed a song Shrem sung:" Mishehu Mechake Lach Bachutz "(L. Avi Koren). This was the beginning of a collaboration between Shrem ,Gadassi and Pik, which lasted many years and many albums.

    In 1974, Shrem arranged a few songs on the album of Gabi Shushan: ”Gabi Shushan”, and the album “Ma Achsav”  of Zvika Pik (with "Ma Achshav", "Rina Til", "I love you Leah” 'and “ Hachaver  Achi Tov Baolam Sheli"). Later that year  Shrem went to United States for a year, where he studied creating music for films and worked as music director of various singers, including David Clayton Thomas (Ex Blood, Sweat & Tears) and a black soul band which greatly influenced his work later in his career.

    Shrem returned to Israel in 1975 and continued with his successful music career and musically arranged and produced for Shlomo Artzi,  that year the song "At V’ani" , this song represented Israel at the "Eurovision Contest" and an album, with the same name, released with new covers for 50’s famous hits..

    For Shlomit Aharon with the trio Af  Ozen Garon Shrem arranged one of the country's biggest stage shows, a nostalgic musical performance (songs of the 50s and 60s) introduced more than a thousand times and which was also the onset of THE HABIBI BAND.

    In 1976, Shrem arranged  the album for Avner Gadassi (called  Avner Gadassi) and composed some of his poems, including "Einea Karu Li" and "Tikva "(L. Yoram Tahar-Lev)," Shir Ahava  76 "(L. Smadar Shir) and hit song "Rosita" (L. Moshe Ben Shaul and Eli Bachar).

    Three decades later Eldad Shrem continues with his musical path with many artists.

    In 1985 Shrem was the musical  arranger for  the sequel musical "BARNASHIM VE CHALOMOT ", a show called "HALLELUYAH BROADWAY"a great success abroad, especially in GermanY where it performed for over a year.

    In 1987 Shrem was the musical director and producer of the Hebrew version (translated by Ehud Manor) for the musical "Les Miserables". A musical by Alain Boublil based on a novel by Victor Hugo composed by Claude Michel Schonberg. Among the stars of the play were Shlomit Aharon, Tal Amir, Riki Gal, Yuval Dor, Tiki Dayan, Avi Toledano, Elior Yenny, Albert Cohen and David Fisher.

    In 2000, Shrem took part in musical production of the most successful album in Denmark that year, album of the singer Warren Didi, where sales went through the double platinum.

    In 2001, Shrem began to compose a new rock opera, to produce a huge show in Las Vegas.

    Shrem also is a musical producer, arranger and conductor on the Beatles TRIBUTE CONCERT with leading artists in Israel, to be held in late August, and that earnings contribution to the NGO LIFE LINE , an organization that helps children with cancer.